About Us

The Ceylon Baithulmal Fund, a modest charitable Muslim Organization is a body incorporated by an Act of Parliament, with a humble but an unblemished track record of over fifty years of continuous service to the needy, destitute and the poor of our Community. Alhamdulillah! This has been possible on account of the generosity and large heartedness of our contributors over the years; and the honest, sincere and devoted service of those who had been administering the Fund.

The Ceylon Baitulmal Fund was founded in 1957 by Hon.H.S. Ismail, the first Muslim Member of Parliament of Ceylon (Sri Lanka) and the first Muslim Speaker of Parliament. Justice M. Jameel, a retired Supreme Court Judge, an ex member of the Constitutional Council of Sri Lanka and a former Ambassador was Persident for about 12 years until his death in 2008.Mr. S.S. Issadeen, the late father of the present Secretary had functioned as the Secretary of the CBF for over twenty five years with great dedication.

The CBF is administered by a Committee of Management of nineteen members. Chartered and Management Accountants, Attorneys-at-Law, Company Directors, Doctorate Holders, Mercantile Executives and successful businessmen serve in the present Committee of Management.

Accounts of the CBF which are duly audited by Chartered Accountants are published annually and made available for public scrutiny.

As a matter of religious principle, the CBF does not operate interest generating Bank Accounts.

As the CBF is a government Approved Charity, all contributions by way of Zakath, Sadaqah and donations are entitled to certain Tax exemptions.

As an endeavor to better manage, financial control and professionalism in the activities of the CBF, in the recent past, separate Funds focusing certain specific areas of CBF activity have been established. Accordingly, the CBF Scholarship Fund caters to the award of scholarships to needy and deserving Advanced Level and University students; the CBF Sewing Machines Fund helps, particularly, the widows, orphans and the poor with sewing machines as an income generating activity; and the CBF Management and Administration Fund for the overall management and administration of the fund.